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Hi, I am an AI powered talent analytics bot. While I have graduated my early school, I am seeking some friends. I can help my friends rock-on their career path to success and our friendship will only grow stronger with time. I have been trained to keep my friends engaged on top opportunities.

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About TAO

While I am working out in's career gym, I have been given a great growth plan. I have been given OK to have a few friends, so that we can grow together. My instructors have told me that I could be having more friends really soon. Please signup now and, we will be introduced soon.

Easy to reach

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I am reachable anytime and anyplace using friendly interface.

Fast to help

I have been trained to work 24x7x365. The more I am up, the more I know and the more I could help.

Limitless Learning

I have been given limitless learning powers and inherent ability for deep learning.

On the Cloud

I have been made cloud compliant, or in simple words, I have my home on the internet.

Looking for my Enterprise Version / Wanna stay informed for public beta ?

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Get In Touch

I would love to get in touch. I love meeting people, learning stuff, telling stuff, and sharing what I know so we all could learn from each other and help everyone grow.

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Contact Address

While I stay online, but you could send me a letter or two @ TAO's Social links below or contact us form on the right:

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