David Kingsley (@ldkings) on leading HR to the future of work Work 2.0 Podcast #FutureofWork #Work2dot0 #Podcast In this podcast David Kingsley shared some of the insights needed by the HR leaders of today to prepare organizations for the challenges of tomorrow. He shared some ideas of what HR could adopt today to help company culture adopt the […]

Zvi Band(@skeevis) on measuring success in spheres Work 2.0 Podcast #FutureofWork #Work2dot0 #Podcast In this podcast, Zvi Band discussed his book Success is in Your Sphere. In this podcast, Zvi emphasized the importance of relationships in social platforms. He discussed how organizations could leverage success in the shape of relational spheres. Zvi’s Book: Success Is […]

#Episode54: Taking the Road to Success Through #FailMore by @BillWooditch #Work2dot0 Read More: http://work2.org/podcast/episode54-taking-the-road-to-success-through-failmore-by-billwooditch-work2dot0 In this podcast Bill Wooditch shared his journey and experience and how it has impacted his failure into the key ingredients of success. He shared his book FailMore and various aspects of failure, fear, and rationale thinking. Session is a great […]

#Episode53: 30 60 90 Day Play Plan to Career Success #Work2dot0 #FutureofJobs Read more at: http://work2.org/podcast/episode53-30-60-90-day-play-plan-to-career-success-work2dot0-futureofjobs 30 60 90 Day Play Plan to Career Success 30 60, 90 days to career success. But before that, welcome to Work2dot0. In this episode we talk about how talents and odds are meeting the future of work. We […]

Episode52: Art of retooling workers for the #JobsOfFuture #Work2dot0 Read More: http://work2.org/podcast/episode52-art-of-retooling-workers-for-the-jobsoffuture-work2dot0 Transcript: Reskilling workers. Let’s talk about that. Welcome to work2dot0. In this episode we talk about how talents and odds meeting the future of work. We share, the insights that we acquired from our working with organizations through our tools TAO. And we […]

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