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Single Fix to Impact TOP HR Challenges Transcript: Welcome to episode two of HR tips. Today we’ll talk about something very interesting. So last week I was talking to one of the gentlemen, one of the HR executives, at one of a decently mid-sized company, service company. And we stumble upon an interesting conversation, and […]

Brian Robertson (@h1brian @HolacracyOne) on a new management system for a changing world #JobsOfFuture #Podcast In this podcast Brian Robertson discussed his book and a organizational framework: Holacracy. He shared his insights into some of the pitfalls in today’s organizational hierarchies. He build up a case on why Holacracy would be a considerable supplement to […]

Transcript: Welcome to the episode of Work Insight, where we share insights captured from platform when dealing with our hundreds of customers and hundreds and thousands of subscribers. So we have been asked a lot by our users, by companies, to understand what all Tao learns and share with the community. So we have […]

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