Let’s talk about success network. Welcome to job tip, in job tip we share insights that we have captured by working with recruiters and job seekers using platform powdered AI, so we can have a direct conversation with our community and we could share, so you could improve your job search and career development. So thank you so much for joining us. If you think this content is useful we urge you to recommend to your friends and colleagues, bring them into the conversation so they can actively take part and thank you again so much for spending time with us. So the problem that we are trying to, that we will talk about in this episode is success network or lack of it in many ways. So what is success network? So if I ask you, who is helping you build your career, right, what would be your response? Your response would be, I’ll Google, I’ll YouTube, I’ll talk to bunch of my friends in office, right and if I say what is their role, exact role in your journey to help you succeed? That is where we find most of the conversation fall flat, right. That means we have network but we might not have the network that we need to succeed, that’s the success network. So why do we need it, you ask, right? We all want to grow. The world is moving really fast all around us. We are finding it very difficult to catch up and in many ways existed to solve this particular problem because most of us work in our isolation, we don’t have success network. want to give you that success network that you would need to succeed.

So having said that, it is extremely critical for us to have a success network and we do, some success, we all are doing something or the other, we have some guy or gal or

mentor or someone we look up to and who we have access to and they are providing us with some information that we all have access to and we are using in our career development but it’s not done systematically and that is what we want to bring and that is why what I want to have a conversation about in this particular episode, right. So we all work in our isolation, that’s the problem, that needs to be fixed. So how to fix that? First, what is success network? Success network is a network of people, professionals whether they are your cousins, your friends, family, who are significantly impacting your career development in a good way, right. So success network means anyone who is, who has offered not even offered to help, who has actually shown a sign of helping.

So they have taken your resume and given it to someone, they have given you some meaningful insights about your career development journey, who are active supporting you in your journey, right and how to go about, that how to do that. So it’s a very and this is a very, very interesting trick to do that. You talk to a lot of people or talk a lot of people about your career, about development and see what they’re saying, see what their perspectives are and anyone who has offered to really help in a meaningful way whether it means auditing your resume, whether it means helping design or improve your pitch, whether it means actually introducing new people, add them to the success network list, right. I’m not talking about someone who just says, okay yeah, good job, good job. No, not those individuals. We are talking about individuals who were actively stepping up to help you improve and that’s the success network we should all have access to.

Once you have built that list, just keep working on that list and make sure to follow up with the people who are in your success network, so they always have you in mind, right. You never know where opportunities emerge from that network whether it means finding your sponsor that we all at some point need in our journey, whether it means finding our mentors and on the other side pay it forward too. Yo you also, hopefully, agreed to be part of someone else’s success journey, right and have if you are maintaining someone make sure they are building a success journey, right. This is, I couldn’t emphasize enough how beneficial it is in your career development, how much beneficial it is where, we spoke with a lot of career coaches, who are helping seekers in our platform or who we are dealing with to get them on the platform, to help career development with our subscribers and almost most of them say the easiest fix that someone could do to their career is build that success network and just working on it, right. So what needs to be done? Talk to individuals, if anyone has shown a positive sign, sign means an action, they did some action for you, they forwarded your profile to someone, they edited your resume, they give you enough time and attention and help and support that is useful to in your journey, add them to the list and make sure to just say hi, don’t show up every time with the request. Sometimes surprise them with a genuine how are you, just thinking about you, things are okay, good. It makes them feel good, it makes them feel welcome, right.

So do that and this is one of the most crucial elements in your career journey that you would have seen are you. If you talk to most of the successful professionals who are seeing a rapid growth, it’s not  because they are amazing or they are super smart, it’s because they have people around them who are enabling the success roadmap or success path for these individuals, extremely critical, very easy to build, by the way,  it doesn’t require too much time investing and figuring it out. It is very, very simple and once you have done that, you can just get on it, keep working on that list, following through on that list and soon you will see that you are succeeding the way you have always dream about.

So with that, I hope this was useful, do let us know your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, feedback on the comments below. If you find the content and if you find the suggestion useful, share it with others so others could take advantage and benefit of this and we are always welcoming thoughts and ideas on what are some of the things that are pressing your career success journey, let us know. We will bring in some expert advice, we will share some of the insights that we are capturing, our teams are capturing and we bring it right to you, fresh out of the oven. Thank you and good luck with your career journey, wish nothing but success and until the next episode, stay hungry and stay curious. Bye-bye