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Led Skills Catalog helps businesses understand their skill index,
catalog skill maps and identify skill gaps in real-time.
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Real-Time Skill
Gap Analysis catalog enterprise skill maps, and helps businesses
stay current and stay relevant as skills are rapidly evolving.
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Create Skill Maps

Understand your enterprise wide skill distribution and build skill maps.


Bridge Skill Gaps

Understand skills, and their trendiness score to help bridge the skill gap.


Discover Rockstars

Skill Maps discover top skilled rockstars to help companies invest in future.

Fully dedicated to building the strongest talent & enterprise gains insights from World’s largest collection of talent and how they are growing. These insights are made available to professionals to help them understand their gaps and help them grow to be the best in the industry.

Connections Established
Currently Empowering
Global Skills Catalog
Companies Helped

Measured tips & tricks on how to keep your workforce current

Our global platform and internal R&D figures top trends / techniques / tools / technologies and make the knowledge readily available to our partners. We thrive in keeping our partners futurists and save them from getting obsolete.

Capabilities Provided

TAO helps our enterprise subscribers keep at the top of their skills game.


Discover Talent

Skill maps helps establish top talent on skills, so we could quickly discovery best people for the job.


Keep Skills Growing

Skill maps helps learn top skills & what top leaders do to stay current, the insight is made available to subscribers.


Analytics & Insights

Provide all the relevant analytics and insights that helps understand and bridge the skills gap.


Skill Optimization & Testing

Our global platform keep working to establish optimization strategies and pass-on best practices to clients.


Cross-Skills Collaborations

Our skills catalog helps and enables cross-skill collaboration for effective cumulative growth.


Advanced Research & Monitoring

We keep a close eye on enterprise skills development and provide all the insights available to professionals.

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