Episode49: Best Time to Look for Job #JobTip #CareerTip #Work2dot0


So when is the best time to look for Job. But before we get into that, welcome. I welcome you all to job tips and in job tips we share some of the best insights that we have captured working with and in terms of job seekers and recruiters and thousands of recruiters and understanding some of the core strengths and some of the core strategies that some of the best jobseekers are using today and recruiters are using today to recruit top talent pool.

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So now let’s talk about the best time to look for job. And I think we did a brief survey internally and we asked lot of professionals. What is the best time to look for a job and I think someone said hey you know what. Best time to look for a job is; I think the best answer we got was or at least the common answer was six to seven months before you actually start looking.

And that is so far from the truth, that is so far from– it could be relevant to you or for you in many ways. But number one; our take on that and some of the experts that we talked to agreed to what we have to say here is the best time to look for a job is; the first day you join your job.

Before you panic let me just– let’s go deeper into what’s going on. So typically when you’re looking for a job. So six months into this you start to say okay I start looking would be six or three or four months or two months or maybe the day you are let go. Now you’re just trying to look there’s a desperation going on. There’s an anxiety that’s kicking in. You are not methodical and when and when you have this anxiety is building up in your brain when you’re looking. You would you tend to be less rational about your approach on how you’re doing your job search.

You are more attuned to compromises; you’re more open to desperation which ultimately mess up your interview and your conversation as well. And you are less inclined to the right representation and more inclined to the very aspect of the result of getting a job.