Episode50: Developing skills for the #JobsOfFuture

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Best way to re-skill and retrain yourself. But before that. Welcome to work2dot0. In this episode, we talk about our talents and odds are shaping the future of work. We share the insights that we acquired from working with job seekers and recruiters using TAO for hiring. And we bring those insights are right to you. So we all could learn and have a conversation about the future.

So one of the really interesting thing that we are seeing nowadays is we hear about it a lot. How to better retrain yourself. And even you are curious many ways that a certain skills that are neighboring to yours, they’re radically new incoming. And people are getting great salaries are on that skill. They’re making good money and you’re always curious how to go about that. And as if you are feeling the same, you’re not alone. Because right now what’s happening and what even we are seeing because of technology’s changing. There are lots of new skills that are emerging. The new skills that are emerging that we are seeing nowadays. We are seeing now I’m more and more trends that are emerging, more technologies every day we come across. And that makes our head spin on the other side. We even see that this new technology demand great.

Kind of a different kind of skillset and that really requires you to think that, hey, maybe I should retrain yourself. So what’s the problem? New skills out there you can take a course, take maybe Coursera, Udemy, all of these platforms. A lot of platforms out there today. Take a take a platform and just ingest the content and you are ready to go. What’s wrong with that? Everything is great. But then there’s another problem to that. So maybe if you have taken that course even you are facing that and to a certain degree, because most of the people that we talk to, they are facing this problem. So you have taken that course, but then it goes nowhere. You’re still trying for your job, not getting a job. No one knows you and think about it.

Why is that happening? So you have taken a content, you have passed that course, that certification, that credential. But then you have no one to vouch that you know that skill. And that’s where things get a bit tricky because although you put your 120% to learning that particular skill, but you don’t have anyone any credibility when it comes to anyone who can vouch and who can actually see you in action. Oh you haven’t seen you in action. And that is causing a lot of frustration because many times in our industry we talk, so big data is a big thing. Data analytics is a big thing. Ai is a big thing. And we meet lots of individuals who have taken one course here, a course or a Stanford course and they say, I’ve done this course and I’m finding no job what to do about.

And that is where the problem lies because they have not worked on real work problems. They can’t understand or they have less understanding of how these actions are taking place. And when you talk to these individuals, and some of you are maybe listening to this conversation. Some of these individuals, they are working with interesting companies with interesting data challenges. And when you ask them, Hey, have you tried working on your stuff in your company? And this turns them somehow. And that’s the problem. So the problem is all do you have a theoretical knowledge of something you have not put an effort to gain a particular aspect of practical aspect of that particular knowledge. And that is what the missing block is. So the solution is not that difficult. It is just that you understand that when you acquired a new skill or new knowledge. And this particular trend applies to almost every skill. Whether its skill A or skill B. Whether it’s a coal miner trying to get to find a green job, whether it’s an artist trying to look for data scientist job.

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