Episode52: Art of retooling workers for the #JobsOfFuture #Work2dot0

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Reskilling workers. Let’s talk about that. Welcome to work2dot0. In this episode we talk about how talents and odds meeting the future of work. We share, the insights that we acquired from our working with organizations through our tools TAO. And we bring those insights right to you so we all could learn and have a conversation about the future. If you are an organization and you are seeing that transformation is happening, which is almost every organizations nowadays. Then one thing that is biting you hard if you’re at leadership level is people getting obsolete in their skills and how to retrain them into the future organization that you are heading to. And challenges that you’re facing today. You’re not alone. A lot of businesses that we talk to are suffering from that. And almost everyone, although they understand this problem, their solution, and I think it to us even its gut wrenching to see how some of these businesses are really stuck. They understand the problem.

They understand they’re doing enough to figure out that they need to do something. But the thing that they’re doing is often limited help. And why it’s not their fault? Because the thing that are available to you outside it is of limited importance. So what happening, what is happening? So you understand you need to grow, you have sort of skills that are getting obsolete. You understand the skills that you are hiring for. But you are relying right now on outside vendors to retrain your workers. So if you look at that, primarily what you’re looking at is content providing companies. Coursera, Udemy and many programs at core services boot camps. And they can train your workers. They can provide content to your workers pretty effectively. But what’s the problem?

The problem that we talked to businesses. And almost everyone that we talk to, they understand the idea of hey, these skills are amazing. The skill is where we are heading to. And skill A is where people are really obsolete and we are better off letting go. Some of the smarter companies that we interact with, they are figuring it out, hey, how can I take from people from A to B. And some of the not so smart companies with, well, a lot of financial pressure, are thinking in a very catastrophic way. How can I just get rid of B and hire more of A. Or get rid of A and hire more of B? But if you’re a smart company, you understand that one of the critical elements in creating a workforce of the future is workforce that understands the nuance of your business. Understand the culture of your and that’s really expensive to train someone.

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