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30 60 90 Day Play Plan to Career Success

30 60, 90 days to career success. But before that, welcome to Work2dot0. In this episode we talk about how talents and odds are meeting the future of work. We share the insights that we acquired from our working with job seekers and recruiters using TAO for hiring. And we bring those insights right to you. So we all could learn and have a conversation about the future.

So let’s talk about an interesting problem. So we have heard from many working professionals in many ways, sometime even experienced professionals with lot of experience under their belt. And very, very common with new joinee working in a company on how to best measure the success of their role. How to perform in a way that you’re appreciated within the company. And many times we realize that the workers who are actually facing this particular problem, they are in many ways exceptional workers. No problem in how they perform very high performance individuals. But somehow did the alignment seem off from what you work and what the company appreciates. And now, so what’s the problem? And the typical, you can pinpoint the typical problem is that what you are performing on, what you’re delivering is not in line with what the company expect from you. Or what your hiring manager is expecting from you.

Obviously besides if you take apart other political motivations behind whatever you are seeing. But even that, even if you include that, that’s again a problem with alignment. That what you perform and what someone expects from you is not aligning well. So how to address that particular problem? And we if you have not heard about this theory, its 30, 60, 90 day rule. It has one, it has worked miraculously in helping professionals achieved that or fixed that so call alignment. So first let’s talk about why we have misalignment. So we all are individual, we all are working. We all have created our own ways to deliver an outcome. Now, if we join a particular company, we are joining in a totally different culture. Its luck if they are in same culture of where I am, where I’ve been groomed and trained in, then life is good.
But if in most of the cases, every business is different, every business has a different history behind it. And they have different culture. So now once you’re joining a particular company, you have certain way to deliver an outcome. You have a certain way to measure an outcome. You have a certain way to understand the productivity that you are working on. But then when you do it with that, the company might be off in understanding how they measure your productivity, how they measure your outcome. And that really it’s not your fault because you are performing the way you are supposed to, the way you have been performing and gaining success. It’s just that you’re not performing the way you are expected to perform. So how to fix that problem? In a typical enterprise world, we have this beautiful world word called maturity. And this relationship between you and the company is lacking the understanding of the maturity. And you cannot change the company to suit your narrative.

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