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Virtual Job Fair brings its state of the art Artificial Intelligence
to transform Job Fair around the world into most
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Real-Time Skill
Intelligence Analytics uses real-time insights and analytics to empower
Job Fair participants to help maximize impact.
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Bring JobFair to the Age of Virtual

JobExpo is created to provide foundational capabilities to provide the inceptive of a physical job fair in the virtual environment. The tool makes it extremely effective, simple, and powerful to provide the bests of a physical job fair with the convenience of access anywhere that you are.

Easy to Integrate with Any Existing Jobs Programs

JobExpo is created to be a partner to any existing programs and bring supplemental capability. JobExpo’s real-time chats, chatbots, support group access, virtual network access would be a great addition to any outgoing programs. Bring to maximize return on any of the existing recruiting programs.

Connections Established
Currently Empowering
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Capabilities Boost

JobExpo brings amazing capabilities to the communities to improve their employment outcomes.


Keeping It Simple

The platform uses AI to remove all the clutter to bring simplicity and a high impact in job fair hiring.


Real-Time Analytics

JobExpo uses the state of the art analytics engine to capture insights on the event and use it to improve.


Bring To Any Device

JobExpo platform is designed using a simple interface, making the platform fast and adaptable to any device.


Easy Integration

JobExpo easily integrates with multiple job hiring event templates making it a great asset to existing programs.


Collaborative Learning

JobExpo uses's patent-pending technology to bring collaborative learning to benefit all the participants.


Collective Intelligence

Aggregated learning from all, JobExpo brings captured insights to help event members beat the odds.

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