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What is JobFair?

JobFair is World’s largest open community talent platform, that is built on Talent Analytics Artificial Intelligence platform, to bring virtual career events to various communities around the world. JobFair event currently powers more than 2 million communities around the globe.

Why JobFair virtual event?

We’ve conducted physical career fairs across 25 global cities and virtual career event for last 2 years across 80 countries and captured data on what works and what does not work with current physical and virtual career fairs. Our previous findings have suggested that our virtual fair has been outperforming our physical career fair(which are 4x more effective than any other peer physical career fair event or 1.7X more effective than any virtual career platform). In short: more talent, more recruiters, a better day, no traffic to beat, and we already see the promising numbers, that we’ve created JobFair and opened it up to global communities. Win-win-win for everyone!

What is the story behind JobFair?

Managing one of the World’s largest data analytics club, we are constantly asked for helping connect job seekers with opportunities. Our team(comprising of data scientists, advanced analytics leaders, and data practitioners) investigated one of the most data science-friendly as well as the people-friendly way to help provide a recruiting platform that not only helps connect seekers, discover jobs but also provides a platform to help seekers understand the market and improve their search & outlook. To create virtual JobFair, we invested 3 years conducting face-to-face, virtual career fairs and captured/analyzed lots of data. JobFair is a result of analyzing that data. We’ve already managed to generate 1.75x success than peer virtual job event platforms as well as 5X physical job fair templates.

What is is created out of a need from AnalyticsWeek. In the age when Artificial Intelligence is synonymized with losing jobs, AnalyticsWeek’s vast community started demanding an Artificial Intelligence that could help people find employment, live better professional life and enjoy a healthy, happy, and growth centered life. currently powers several large internet communities and assisting people to live healthy, and happy.

JobFair Event

Where to signup for JobFair?

JobFair is managed by the team but are conducted by various communities around the web, so google for JobFair to see currently active JobFairs. Our most popular programs are hosted by:




When are JobFair Conducted?

JobFair are conducted by but hosted by various communities around the world, please check with them on the hosting dates for JobFair. Information about some of our larger communities could be found at:




What all software do I need to participate?

JobFair uses the following features and their respective platforms:

  1. Signup: JobFair is accessed by partner web platform, so users are advised to use updated chrome browser(as our products are tested on chrome browser)
  2. Chat: JobFair primarily uses chat for connecting Seekers, Providers, and Recruiters. There is no specific requirement for a web chat other than updated browser.
  3. Video Conferencing: JobFair partners dictate in their communication on their preferred video platform. Please signup with JobFair on community platform and seek this information in JobFair communication from the community partners

Who all could participate in JobFair?

JobFair community partners dictate this information, currently, JobFair is capable of handling Job Seeker, Recruiter, and Service Provider roles. Any specifics would be discussed with community sites.

Is there any fee to participate?

While JobFair is created to serve the community and promote healthy hiring conversations, we are keeping the fee/pricing decision in the hands of our community partners. Please check with your respective communities about the pricing/fee etc..

How JobFair Process Works?

JobFair Process:

  1. JobSeekers/Recruiters/ServiceProviders signup at JobFair site
  2. 5-7 days before the event, JobFair will communicate with everyone to complete the signup process(if not already completed)
  3.  3-5 days before the event, JobFair will communicate with everyone about the process
  4. 1-3 days before the event, JobFair will communicate with everyone about approving the potential matches
  5. On suggested timeslots(communicated via JobFair communication) all the subscriber will come to JobFair site and interact withing the right groups/chat sessions to take job conversation forward
  6. After JobFair, all subscribers are encouraged to provide feedback so could enhance the personal experience for all the subscribers.

How plays a role in JobFair?

JobFair is based on platform as it shares several anonymized information with to help improve the personal as well as community results. From success to failures, monitors and helps improve the job matching outcome for everyone. So, you should be assured that is working tirelessly to make the job connection happen. Another magical area is ensures all the complexity is hidden from the subscribers, so you don’t spend too much time learning the system but interacting with people.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch with us by mailing to

How could I partner with JobFair?

JobFair front end is created over WordPress, so currently we require a WordPress platform for the JobFair program to get installed. It is just a few clicks and you will have the power of the World’s largest career platform in your fingertips. To see the experience, check out some of our large deployments:




Want your community to be powered by JobFair? Reachout to us @

I am already running other Job Fair / Virtual Job Fair, how could JobFair help?

JobFair is created to facilitated current programs. Several of our partners are using JobFair to add to their experience as a supplemental additive. Our specialized global chat, easy to connect framework could work with any other scheduling programs(as delivered by any other job fair or virtual jobs platform). We want to help, and our tools are created to take the minimum and provide maximum help to our partners.

Is there any brochure I could read about JobFair?

Certainly! Please read JobFair Brochure to learn more.

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