Let’s talk about finding a job in a tough market. But before that, I welcome you all to this episode of Job Tips. In Job Tips, we share insights that we have captured, by interviewing and talking to real job seekers and recruiters that are using platform for recruiting, for job search. So welcome you all and if you like it, we do recommend you bring your friends and your buddies onto this conversation. Add your thoughts in the comments below. It helps us improve. If you think that you want to add something, do add to that. We will keep adding insight that we have missed out that you share in our descriptions on those videos.

So today’s problem is very interesting. And we all have seen some version or the other of this problem of finding a job in a tough market. Whether it means there are not too many openings out there in my industry. Whether it means my industry is very selective. There’s a downturn. I have been applying to 1700 companies and I’m barely getting any response or any of that. And more often than not, it’s fairly common that we blame the system because that’s our tendency. That probably I’m doing right and maybe the system is flawed. The system needs to be revisited.

But the problem with that theory is that the system is not going to get you a job. It’s you who needs to understand the system so you can find yourself an opportunity that they’re looking for. And in many ways, before you actually go out and start blaming the system, the governments, the visa requirements, the industry, see if you can fix something. See if something in your process needs to be tweaked so you can hit this market, you can hit the job, you can get more success for your effort.

And remember many times, this is what we have seen from our conversations with job seekers and recruiters. Sometimes, you’re just pushing a wall and if you’re not finding results, you’re just pushing it harder.

Maybe you need leverage to help you, um, maximize the impact by minimizing the effort or minimizing the effort and still getting maximum impact. So, what are some of the ways you could solve this problem? Network the hell out; your friends, your buddies, your cousins, your relatives, whoever is employed in your aspirational industry you’re trying to get into. Talk to them. Be very open. You have no clue what people could provide feedback on, on what you could be missing out.

Many times, it’s just a minor tweak that really makes you tremendously impactful. So typically I give this analogy to folks that in the sales industry, the difference between the worst sales Guy and the best sales guy is like its 1 or 2%, based on the efforts. So a minor tweak could take you from not getting it to getting your best opportunity.

It’s now the search is “what that one person is and where to find that one person and for that, talk to people. Get as much human input as possible on your research from someone who has influenced or who is critical to talk about the industry. So, suppose I am looking for a job in software and I go and talk to someone maybe in manufacturing and they provide feedback, I’m not sure how much I can take that feedback in my industry, so talk to someone in the software industry about what’s going on. Or if you’re in manufacturing guys, talk to the manufacturing guy, an insider.

On the other side, go to industry forums. Go to meetups; go to local events that you have access to. Go and talk to a bunch of professionals, talk to speakers, build networks or build relationships. Amazing jobs come through relationships. So that’s super, super critical.

At some point, if you’re just clicking on the web applying, you are competing with tens of thousands of people who have just dropped in their resume to 10,000 companies and just keeping the finger crossed that they’ll find a magical job. But the magical job doesn’t appear that way or at least the tendency is very low or the chances are really low that you can get a job that way. So it’s very critical you go out and talk to the circle.

The other thing is to talk to your peers. I think the worst thing you can do is do it all by yourself and doing it all alone. Sometimes, the failure that I have seen would really help you not make those failures. So sometimes, your experience could help me not repeat those mistakes. That’s super critical. So never discount, never be isolated in that nature. Talk to other job seekers. Ask why they are facing what that they are facing sometimes.

Maybe you guys could complement each other out, right? Maybe your challenge and his or her challenge would fix you and him or her. Nothing better than that, right, so do that. That’s super critical. And then I obviously never do it alone. I think that’s one of the bigger issues that we should all be cognizant on. This is a very strenuous, tactical strategy filled process in many ways. So, you need as much insight and insider information as possible that will help you navigate. Do that.

 It’s not the tough market. It’s you who is not prepared to understand the market and represent yourself well many times. So try to understand that because you cannot change the industry. The best you can do is change yourself and use that to your advantage. That will definitely help you get some more success than what you have been getting so far.

And then always be innovative in how you’re approaching this problem. So, I remember a couple of years back, one graduate student came to me saying that “hey, I am from a different country and I can barely speak English and it’s very difficult for me to break grounds and do some things” and I just said to him “hey, why don’t you talk to industry  expert?” And he said that “no industry expert could talk to me.

It’s very difficult.” And then, and then I think one of my team members gave him an idea that “hey, why don’t you just go out maybe and start an interview process and interview a bunch of experts and from that build relationships. Understand how they talk, what they want to talk about and see if you can do 15 interviews.”

One of the guys that he interviewed for his podcast, he ended up recruiting this particular gentleman. Pretty innovative way, but it damned work for him, right? So it’s extremely critical to understand that sometimes, opportunities could come from any side, any angle. You just have to be innovative about it. So, if you’re just following one track, maybe that’s the mistake, maybe that’s something you need to worry about.

So I hope this video was helpful. And just to summarize; never do it alone, never follow one path, try to use a network and then from there on, learn from other’s mistakes and hopefully you will find your dream job. With that, thank you for spending time with us. Good luck and do let us know your thoughts in the comments below and do let us know what else you want to hear about from Job Tip. Thank you so much for checking us out and till the next episode, Bye-bye. And good luck.