March 19, 2020 By Sam Smith, Vice President – Product Development, Talent and Orgs. Covid-19 has brought a testing time upon us. We can, and we will get through this by working together while staying apart. While we all are staying put and making economy move, the amazing staff at Talent and Orgs is no different. As we crunch our daily code to get to masses, our engineering team has worked extra long hours to bring a tool to life that will assist the hard-hitting professionals who are not working due to Covid-19 outbreak.

We are proud to announce the launch of It is a project website created to assist professionals who want to contribute to the economy by providing their expertise to small businesses that are hard hit by the crises. will be used by professionals to volunteer/contribute their hours and small businesses to post projects that they are seeking some help with.

Talent and Orgs team has also pledged to volunteer their 20% hours towards building a community-centered tool to keep empowering our remote working economies that targets 99% of the professionals that could work remotely and have time/work to contribute. All the future tools and programs that would launch will be made available on website.

As per Vikas Singhvi, CoFounder and Chief Technology Officer, Talent and Orgs: “We are proud of our team which has stepped up and volunteered their extra hours and contributed their time in making happen. They are pumped, and we are blessed with such a motivated workforce, which is thinking about why we work and what is the bigger purpose. will be a great outlet for our staff to bring our AI capabilities to support the community. We are really excited and looking forward to what is ahead!”. While Vishal Kumar, Co-Founder, and CEO suggested, “ is a human embodiment of what we are seeing around us. Humanity coming together and helping each other out through these testing times. While we are all disturbed with this new reality, we are always taken aback by such human gesture”. Vishal is a big supporter of the team’s commitment to provide 20% of their effort in building solutions and drumming support for professionals that are hard hit by this new economic reality.

To learn more, please visit While we are doing our part in spreading the word, our team would be grateful for any support in extending the message through other circles. We would be more than happy to come on a call to discuss the program in detail and see how best we all could come together and bring our best to the economy during this time.

We at Talent and Orgs believe that this is not one person’s, one company’s, or one community’s pejorative; we are all in this together and let us bring our best to this problem so we could pick up where we left off a few months back.

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