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We utilize World’s Largest AI led skills discovery, research and development lab to understand the current trends and how to fix skills gaps in most efficient way. We make available the insights to our partners and clients. AI & Our World class team ensures our client’s stay on the right side of the future.

Services Offered

Work with TAO.ai team to identify and fix the skills gap.


Discover Talent

Skill maps helps establish top talent on skills, so we could quickly discovery best people for the job.


Keep Skills Growing

Skill maps helps learn top skills & what top leaders do to stay current, the insight is made available to subscribers.


Analytics & Insights

Provide all the relevant analytics and insights that helps understand and bridge the skills gap.


Skill Optimization & Testing

Our global platform keep working to establish optimization strategies and pass-on best practices to clients.


Cross-Skills Collaborations

Our skills catalog helps and enables cross-skill collaboration for effective cumulative growth.


Advanced Research & Monitoring

We keep a close eye on enterprise skills development and provide all the insights available to professionals.


Identify, Build and Discover The Top Skills in FinServ

TAO Corporate platform is used to identify top skills that are making an impact in rapidly evolving financial services industry. Businesses could identify talent with edgy and obsolete skills to understand and empower their workers to combat tomorrow's challenges today.

Retail is transforming, so does it's workers

Using TAO.ai platform, businesses could help track the skills gap that is plaguing the retail industry. TAO.ai helps businesses stay on the top of skill evolution across the retail revolution.

Transformative Health & Pharma

Health and Pharmaceutical industry is radically changing, so does the skills requirements for the new age of pharma & health industry. TAO.ai help businesses quickly identify their skill catalog and TAO provides adequate insights, network and knowledge to address it.

Transportation & Supply Chain Are Seeing New Skills

TAO.ai has successfully helped in identifying skill transformations happening in the logistics and supply chain space. It connected the global workforce across their skills roadmap to speed up the skills growth and helped businesses save substantial resources in educating and retooling workforce.

The Civic Age is Requiring New Age Skills

Skills that are required for the new age of civic system is not only different but require a massive transformation and collaboration. TAO.ai uses the power of connectivity and collective learning to bring best practical advice for its member to leverage. TAO makes civic bodies enjoy hyper connectivity and collective growth to help everyone.

Skills, the past, the present and the future

Skills have been undergoing rapid transformation and it requires a different mindset to identify the obsolete skills and different mindset to prepare organizations of the future to transform their workers in the new age of skills. TAO.ai would help bridge the gap between the past, present and the future.


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