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JobFair – Virtual Career Expo

The easy and simple way to bring job fair/career expo right to your
desktop. Connect with World’s largest job fair virtual event.
Be part of the event of a job in the post-AI world.

World's largest job fair comes to a desktop near you

Never waste time waiting but find the connection to recruiter/ organization directly created based on your search criteria. TAO ensures the quality of conversation improves by making the right connections, saving job seekers and recruiters, and promoting success.


Demo and FAQ on Video

How does JobFair work?

JobFair is conducted every first Friday of the month. JobSeekers and Recruiters signup through the Wertual app installed on partner sites. Just access the platform by visiting the website.url/wertual. Refer to youtube on this page for more info.

What does JobFair do with my information, and who owns the data?

JobFair uses the data to improve the experience for the users. Data is owned by and is not shared with any third-party vendor without the permission of the user.

What are JobFair rules of conduct?

Job Fair expects its users to treat all the other users with respect. If you feel that you have a concern, please email us at

Where to send issues/ideas/questions around JobFair?

All issues/ideas/suggestions should be forward to When contacting us, please send us any applicable snapshot with URL, username, and email used so we could track it effectively.

Could I manage a personalized JobFair?

Yes, we have been working with businesses on the personalized version of JobFair. If you want to learn more, please email us at and our team would love to discuss this further.

JobFair features

JobFair comes with the following features that will help you learn and grow


Global Access

JobFair brings the seekers and recruiters from our global networks to provide wider options and access.


Success Driven

All apps are designed to succeed which makes the platform works on events that generated maximized success.



Using the power of design JobFair is optimized to minimize waste and maximize outcomes for the attendees.


Access Anywhere

JobFair brings a powerful/simple career event to every dashboard, desktop, and system around the world.


Easy to Setup

A powerful, scalable, and cloud-powered JobFair is easy to set up for every seeker and recruiter in an instant.


Artificial Intelligence

JobFair uses artificial intelligence-led personalization to improve the experience of seekers and recruiters.

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