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TAO global platform and AI engine work tirelessly to ensure TAOians are always informed about the current trends, and they are empowered with a good network, knowledge, insights, and opportunities, so they keep on rising in their relevant skills.

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While most services are open to a small group of beta testers, we have made our global virtual career fair platform public and are currently running World's Largest Virtual Career Fair. Want to get started with, signup with our Career Fair to get started.

Capabilities Provided

TAO helps its gloal community keep at the top of their skills game.


Growth Network

Skill maps help identify a network of subscribers who could help with your career growth and skill development.


AI Career Coach

TAO is a skill coach platform at scale, where its sophistication and insights grow with its member growth.


Minimalistic Design

Works on minimal inputs and generate key insights to help members stay at the top of their skill game.


Access Your TAO From Anywhere

TAO is location-aware and gets ready to provide you with its top and personalized experience and insight anywhere you access it.


Modular Skill Growth System

TAO consists of several complementary apps to provide the use of a growth-centric skill powered ecosystem to fix particular skill challenges.


Advanced Research & Analytics

TAO delivers core insights that are extremely crucial to its user base; AI ensures you learn our top insights to help your success journey.

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