We’re World's Largest Skills Research & Development Platform

OAT.ai is powered by World’s Largest Skills Learning and Development Database that works with global 170,000 global workforce and growing to establish trendy and current skills. We inform companies to act like their super organized talent analytics enabled, skills powerhouse enterprise. By just flipping a switch we convert our partners to World’s most sophisticated skills monitoring and development platform.

We are dedicated in ensuring our clients stay at the bleeding edge, always!

  • Understand your enterprise skills catalog
  • Find top talent in every skills to establish / empower best workers
  • Save your organization from obsolete skill trends and stay on the leading edge
  • Dont make your organization "Game of Thrones" but "Happy Days" of development

Our Team

#BeBest, #BeWithTheBest, #JoinTheBest! We are hiring!

Palak Gauda


Vishal Kumar

President / CEO

Michele Stubehrg

Media/PR Relations

Vikas Singhavi

Chief Technology Officer

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