Values is an AI company with a heart. Our company ethos is at the core of all our decisions and keeps our team grounded in the basics that matter.

Community Powered

Connected global communities create sustainable success for all.

Crowd Learned

Valuable knowledge and priceless wisdom is shared in communities.

Together Mindset

We strongly believe that together we can go further.

Relationship Matters

Building and nurturing relationships leads to a happy and successful life.

Diversity is Powerful

Our differences should be embraced as they make us unique and valuable.

For the 99%

We advocate solutions that benefit 99% of community members.

Delivering career growth to global workforce

Connected Learning is the Future of Work

We believe that technologists of today's times have a moral obligation to build technologies that serve to find success for an organization and create a happy and healthy work environment for the workers.

At, to be true to our vision of No Worker Left Behind, we have a simple mission, to use technology to prepare workers for the challenges of tomorrow, today. To answer this mission, we built human-centered AI-powered tools to improve connectivity between opportunities and community. And we are proud of this impactful mission and how far we have come. As a team, we are tirelessly working and our communities' are sharing their trust by signing up with our platforms.

We are grateful for everyone who is with us on this mission to help bring today's workers to the challenges of tomorrow.

Vishal Kumar
CEO, Founder

Our Vision: No Worker Left Behind

Every day, our commitment to our vision drives us to show up and work tirelessly to create the impact that any organization would aspire to. The very fact that workers of today need radically different, human-centered technologies makes all of our team crunch through some of the most ambitious challenges of our times. Our platform is a testament to what we all could do if we put our hearts and minds to the purpose of what drives us every day.

Our Mission: Through technology and sharing career resources, connect and grow professionals around the world.

While our team is dedicated to bringing human-centric advanced career growth technologies to life, we are also committed to spreading a data-driven mindset at the front and center of our growth strategy. We have invested substantial resources to celebrate a data-driven mindset and promote data-driven leaders and spread awareness on all things, work, data, and future. Our human-centered mission keep us in check to deliver a high-tech solution for all the workers.

To stand by our mission and vision, we have allocated substantial resources in creating a community of thought leaders through, and Worker 1 to share what we know and spread what we learn so as a society we all could benefit in creating a happier workplace and healthier workforce.

Through our Plugin 'Hires' and AI Chatbot, we are already making strides and helping the growing community of workers and businesses to take advantage of human centered technologies and reap the benefits.

Our mission cannot not be achieved in isolation. We need help from our community, partners, and society to help create a human-centric mindset from their technologies and create an open dialog on understanding how their technology stack helps build a purposeful and fulfilled workforce that grows and develops one network at a time.

Hires Apps by

Designed with professionals in mind, we provide a platform that provides all the career related support in one-place - connections with peers, job opportunities, new skills and resources, mentorship and advice from experts to help grow careers.

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